Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Patient and the Therapist

Dr.Pist: Tell me what's been troubling you lately.
Patient: Let's see, every time I see a person walking towards me I have an urge to run the other way.It's somewhat better-or maybe it's worse in a crowd.
Dr.Pist: Explain.
Patient: Well, whenever I'm in a crowd of people It seems like I've disapeared in the bustle of it all,but then I get an overwhelming fear that all of them watching, evaluating me. Why won't they stop!
Dr.Pist: Do you think this is a rational fear?
Patient: Of course not, that's the worst part, I know I shouldn't be terrified to engage in conversation with people, and that it's most likely paranoia that everyone's watching me, but I'm still scared.
Dr.Pist: Hmm.
Patient: The shaking hasn't stopped either.
Dr. Pist: Shaking?
Patient: Yeah, I shake whenever I'm around people, I can't even type an e-mail if someone's close enough to read it. My fingers don't listen, my wrists jump, and I have to hide all of this whenever I'm forced to speak to a person. Like right now, I'm talking to you, but I'm horrified. Can you tell? Do you see my knees trembling?
Dr. Pist: Patient?
Patient: Yes?
Dr. Pist: Your shaky knees just knocked over my coffee mug.Don't worry, It wasn't full, no mess, just continue. Try to relax.
Patient: Yesterday I sat in the library, as I waited for my taxi, I couldn't take it anymore.
Dr. Pist: Take what?
Patient: The staring, their eyes were so hot, whenever they looked at me it burned. My arms started contorting, like there was a sanctuary above or behind my head, but it was so far out of reach.
Dr. Pist: What happened next?
Patient: The driver came, he took so long, but I threw my book down, walked, jogged-ran out of the automatic doors, crawled into the backseat, and stuttered my address to the bearded man behind the wheel.
Dr. Pist: Patient?
Patient: Yes?
Dr. Pist: You're hopeless.
Patient: What? Really? Why?
Dr.Pist: It's been five years and you haven't worked through one problem.
Patient: What should I do?
Dr. Pist: Keep attending sessions.
Patient: I thought I was hopeless.
Dr. Pist: You are, I just have a car payment.
Patient: Oh.
Dr. Pist: Next week then? Same time?
Patient: Yes.

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