Monday, December 22, 2008

Forget Me

Forget me.
Push me away,throw me out,don't look back.

Forget me.
Shove me out of your thoughts,leave me behind,don't think twice.

Forget me.
Toss any memories of me into the fire,leave me to burn in my flames,look away.

Forget me.
Shut the door in my face,walk away,throw away the key.

Forget me.
Erase me from existence,dust away what's left,never come back.

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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Why You Love Me

Why You Love Me
Because I keep my heart open even though I know it isn't safe...

Why You Love Me
Because I mop up the mess when others leave you to spoil...

Why You Love Me
Because you stick a million pins in me and I never grimace,just smile...

Why You Love Me
Because I might be the only one that sees the stars in your eyes and the sun in your smile...

Why You Love Me
Because I'm a jacket you can wear whenever the world turns cold,or a raincoat when the storm comes...

Why You Love Me
Because when I'm around you don't need words since I can read your mind...

Why You Love Me
Because ice cream melts and sodas fizz,and most of the time that's just the way it is.

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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Welcome Winter,Welcome Cold

Winter comes but once a year,
Bringing ice and snowy gear.
Necks are wrapped with scarves and turtles,
Holiday feasts bring the need for girdles.

The wind grows cold so feed the fire,
While I'm at it better chain the tires.
On my sidewalk I slip and fall,
Giggles are stifled as to my mailbox I mutter and crawl.

My bones as brittle and icy as twigs in a blizzard,
Maybe I'll move to Arizona and settle for lizards.
Flakes tumble,glide,and blankets unfold,
Oh well,welcome winter,welcome cold.

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Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Jan bought a cat for her grandmother,how nice,or so she thought. Little did she know that her grandmother's home nurse would refuse to assist in caring for the feline on the basis that she was horribly allergic (she worked in a pet shop for six years and never so much as twitched her nose while in the presence of a dozen cats).That left Sir Whiskers in the reluctant but capable hands of Jan. As she packed the cat's belongings in the trunk of her compact she wished she would've adopted one of those lifeless porcelain knickknacks from the home shopping network. Surely the nurse wasn't allergic to those.

"You should know that I won't put up with you clawing my curtains or attempts at slaughtering my goldfish." She said as she drove to her modest apartment across town near the library, where she organized and shelved books as a librarian. "Do you understand Whiskers? I can't believe I go to the trouble of finding a companion for my grandmother and the nurse refuses to help a lonely old lady.Bitch."

That night was the first of many that Whiskers bounced off the walls (chasing the shadows of passing cars),knocked over numerous objects,and kept Jan awake for hours.Gradually,she began to grow accustomed to Whiskers and his shadow-stalking.She also became accustomed to his torment of Willy (her goldfish),his habit of scratching her legs whenever she ate a meal with tuna as a primary ingredient, and his incessant mewing.

Years passed and Whiskers became swollen and grouchy from both aging and neutering. Jan acquired two more cats and frequently contemplated on expanding her feline family. Eventually she housed thirteen,twenty-seven if you include the fourteen porcelain ones she'd purchased from the home shopping network.The town came to call her the cat lady,rather appropriate.

Now you may very well be wondering what in the world the moral of this story is.It's simple really, cats are interesting pets, either you begin to become so incredibly obsessed with them that you begin collecting them like snow globes,you have only one cat but start to humanize it to the point that those dreadful cat-clothes one frequently sees have made their way into your closet,or there's always the possibility that the cat will drive you utterly mad and your facial expression regularly resembles that of the feline in the above photograph. In short, before you go out and purchase a little furball all your own, make sure you are a chemically balanced individual who will not under any circumstances become a cat collector,force the animal to wear degrading articles of clothing,or lose your sanity due to an inability to cope with the rigors of befriending a feline. If an excessive number of cats appeals to you or you're rather fond of kitty wear,then turn on the nearest television set,locate the home shopping network,and order one of those shiny,abnormally frightening porcelain figurines instead.

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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Top Ten

Here are my top blog picks for December.

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Saturday, November 22, 2008

It's Not Poetry

When syllables form on my tongue,pass my lips,and roll over my ears it may sound like poetry,
It's not.It's me rearranged in puzzle,hidden by verse to blur my face.

When letters roll across the page,morph into words,and whisper a secret it may sound like poetry,
It's not.It's last week's fight,yesterday's scab,and today's scar.

When sentences build paragraphs and paragraphs paint stories it may sound like poetry,
It's not poetry.It's everything I can't say.

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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Crack My Shell

10,9,8 I'm stuck,call for help

7,6,5 Forget the chisel,get a hammer,I'm already shaped I just need to be uncovered

4,3,2 Don't look yet,I'd prefer that you see me when I'm whole

1 Tap,tap,breathe.Armor scattered around my feet.Congratulations,you cracked my put me back.

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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Top Ten

Okay,I read some really fantastic blogs but I could only pick ten.Why?Because if I picked eleven or say fifteen it would completely defeat the purpose of calling my monthly list The Top Ten,and I'm rather fond of the title The Top Ten.Anyway,if you didn't make the list don't worry,until you do you're still in the running for any of the following Top Ten lists.So,with that in mind here are my top blogs for this month:

There's my list,if you made it congrats,if not there's always next time just keep writing.

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Saturday, November 1, 2008

You Close Your Eyes and I'll Close Mine

If you walk away I'll follow your lead,
You surf,I ski

If you say you don't hear it I'll cover my ears,
We'll let the alarms blare until they fade with the years

If you claim not to see it I'll slip on a blindfold,
You say the sun's out,I won't wonder why it's cold

If you close your eyes I'll close mine,
But only if our problems don't intertwine

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Saturday, October 25, 2008

How To Break A Heart

The key is to pluck the heart from the victim's chest.Pretend you're going to stow it away somewhere safe,but really stuff it into your backpocket or purse.

Smile like everything's perfect but get your hands ready to shape,like a potter.Spin the poor fool around and around in your hand while constantly applying false sincerity in order to preserve naivete.That's right,shape the target into anything you please;a clingy sap,an envious monster,a lapdog,or maybe something that'll just stay put and keep quiet,like a scarf or watch.Just drape them around your shoulders or wrist.You pick their shape?Good,next phase.

This is going to involve some acting,but don't be intimidated,your line's only three words long,just smile sweetly when you say it and maintain eye contact.Then when they believe you,absolutely without a doubt believe you,you chuckle in the privacy of your home.After you've had a good laugh call them up and say you need to talk,sound sad and concerned and above all innocent.When you meet up at a restaurant order a lemonade,wait for it to arrive,take a sip,then another and then end it.

That's right,end it right then and there.But make sure you say something like we can still be friends or you'll find somebody nice.Then,right before they distraughtly stalk out of the door,muttering slurred curses under their breath to ease their burning throat,return that barely beating little keepsake they so willingly entrusted you with.It should be oddly shaped by now,with bits and pieces missing here and there from constantly sitting on it or toting it around.Don't worry,just toss it back to the previous owner and resume sipping your beverage.After all,you shouldn't be wasteful.And don't ever under any circumstances feel guilty,you did the person a favor,I mean,next time they'll know better.

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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Top Ten

I went back and forth with myself on whether or not to continue posting The Top Ten blogs according to me,I decided not to for awhile but I read so many great blogs that I restarted The Top Ten.All good things are supposed to come to an end but this good thing hasn't run its course yet.So,with the exception of this post I've decided to list my Top Ten blog picks the first Tuesday of every month.Finally,here are this month's Top Ten.

There are The Top Ten,if you didn't make it,don't worry there are many more Top Ten posts to come.Just keep blogging and I'll keep reading.

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Saturday, October 18, 2008

What Happened To My Monopoly Playing Cat

So,someone asked me what happened to my cat that beat me at monopoly,good question.But just to let you know right off the bat, I did not begrudge my feline friend for his good fortune in board games.How could I ?He was a great pal,an Egyptian mau that never told any of my secrets,endured my endless whining throughout the ninth grade,tolerated my twisting and turning as I slept,and greeted me everyday as soon as I walked through the door after a long day of school.
Okay,okay,I admit he wasn't the epitome of perfection,he had a few shortcomings.He jumped on the counters,stole a fried egg directly off my father's plate( gobbling it down within seconds),he had a slight addiction to food,and he would always place a paw over one of my siblings' mouths when he tired of their yapping.Not to mention he hid behind doors and under furniture vigilantly waiting for an unsuspecting human to pounce on,he always took great joy in attacking me first thing in the morning.But I'm getting off track,back to what happened to the cat.
Well,it was towards the latter part of my freshman year of high school.My parents convinced me to allow him to become an indoor/outdoor cat.Although,I strongly protested my mother and father let him outside while I was in school.For some reason my cat never came back and although I madly searched I never found him.There are two theories as to what became of him.The first is that our neighbor,a middle-aged woman with a fluffy ,white cat of her own stole my cat.It's not that farfetched since she always seemed so fond of him.The second theory is that he joined a rough crowd of alley cats and ditched his life as a pampered housecat.
Although I still have old photos of him I've become the human companion of a pair of black and white kittens.They steal food,sleep on all of the furniture,and pounce on eachother instead of me.And no,they don't play monopoly or any other board game.

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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Top Ten

So, I read some blogs and as I promised I ranked the top ten and here they are: (this blog had some really cool pics)

Okay,if your blog didn't make the list it doesn't mean that it was bad,it's just that I could only pick ten.If your blog did make the list,then congrats.

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Monday, August 25, 2008

Summer Finale

I sit at the lake's edge,my legs ankle deep in the murky water.Tadpoles encircle my feet and race away like olympic swimmers when I kick my legs.The sun is setting and Aunt Bett is calling everyone to the picnic area,a clearing in the woods a few yards from the lake.Me and my cousin Ian don't rush,we won't have to be at the picnic tables to see the big finish.We ignore our aunt and continue to sit.

"School tomorrow," Ian says.

"We still have the afternoon," I reply lazily.

"Nope,the sun's already setting,soon as it comes up we have classes and homework and-"

"We have the night." I kind of snap at him without meaning to,but he doesn't say anything about it.He knows I'm just sulking over the end of summer vacation.

"You're right Bell,we have the whole mom wants me in bed early."

I don't pay attention because the sun,a blood red ball,rapidly sinks until it's out of view.The lightest portion of the sky is navy blue and the rest is black with globs of stars appearing around the moon like a quilt pattern.

"Everybody,everybody,get ready for the finale!Keep your eyes on the sky!" Aunt Bett's booming voice orders.

"Bell?" Ian whispers.

"Ssshh," I reply,keeping my eyes glued to the night sky,waiting,waiting,waiting-

"Here it is everybody!"

"Boom!" It sounds like a cannon goes off inches from my head, my ear canals vibrate, and the night explodes into a dozen shades of purple,green,blue,red,and orange.Smoke curls around everyone's legs and fills my nose.Additional fireworks pop and crackle and burst into flowers and twists of color.One in particular explodes directly in front of the moon so it looks like an iced sugar cookie.The sky momentarily goes blank while Uncle Will and some of the other kids prepare to launch the next batch of fireworks.

"You know what else we have Ian?"


"The Summer Finale."

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Monday, August 11, 2008

I f I See You Again

It's been a decade.You were a teenager, newly christened an adult by the government.You were short and skinny with curly black hair and highwater jeans , and I always remember the green t-shirt you wore.You rode a bike,moussed your curls and doused yourself with cologne.If I see you again I might not recognize you.
Why?Because I heard you're not a pencil anymore,you're six feet now,and your hair is so short that no one would know you once sported large,shining loops.Plus,the jeans and t-shirt are gone and your bicycle has been replaced with a four wheeled motor powered machine also known as a car.But I wonder,do you use the same cologne?If I passed you on the street would I know your scent?Salty skin masked by musky,male perfume.You probably don't.If I see you again I probably won't recognize you.
Last year I spoke with you on the phone,you sound the same, maybe a little more mature.If I was blindfolded I would know your voice.Of course I probably wouldn't need the blindfold to hinder me from identifying you,years passing might've already done the job.You don't look or dress the same,you're not the same.Neither am I.If I see you again I won't know you.

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Friday, February 15, 2008


He knows he shoudn't be here, that any moment they'll find him.He hears cooing from the dark brick building.A foot appears around the corner and headlights from a passing car illuminate a metal object above the foot.Jewelry,no, something less innocent,brass knuckles.

"You shouldn't be here Eric," a voice comes from around the corner,the foot is fully revealed followed by a man's body,a large man's body.The man from school,well, the man-sized boy from school.Three others come into view and stand in the dim light of the alley.

"I was just on my way home," he says ,"I don't want any trouble Kurt."

Kurt approaches him and stands with his face centimeters from his.He raises his hand and delivers a heavy backhanded slap,causing Eric's head to whirl around to the right,his neck and face aching from the blow.Kurt grabs him by the shirt collar just before his body falls backward onto the brick building.

"You know something," Kurt growls,maliciously tugging at the collar,"I really hate rats.Always ready to sell you out,and for what?For nothing,just to be honest."

He releases his collar and violently shoves him into the brick wall.Eric groans,the brick scrapes his neck and head,blood seeps from a wound and collects in his red hair.

"Kurt," Dylan,Kurt's bestfriend and righthand steps forward ,"you know I have to be home by ten,could you hurry it up?"

"In a minute man," Kurt runs his fingers through his brown hair,addressing Eric,"I know you're the one who told the principal I spray painted his car.Am I right?Now be honest."

Eric looked around,the four hostile players from the varsity hockey team weren't going to be merciful whether he tried to deny it or told the truth,he might as well as get it over with.

"Answer you piece of trash," Kurt grabs his shirt and jerks his thin body from left to right,making his jaw slip back and forth resulting in Eric accidentally grinding his teeth into his tongue.

"I told,okay,"Eric gasps and his body goes limp as Kurt reels his right hand back,but rolls it into a large fist this time.The brass knuckles crack against his jaw bone and blood shoots past his lips.

"Always honest,aren't you Eric?" Kurt doesn't wait for an answer as he smashes his brass-clad fist into Eric's nose.Crimson fluid gushes from his nostrils and he slides down the wall,lying crumpled on the wet ground like a discarded bubblegum wrapper.

"Ooohh," he moans and attempts to sit up.

"Stay," Dylan cruelly kicks him in the side before he can pull his body up.

"Broken jaw and nose,maybe even broken ribs," Kurt says,leaning down and staring straight into Eric's eyes,his sweat moistened brown hair spilling into his face,"I think that's a fair reward for your honesty.Don't you think so?Nod yes if you think you should have a bonus prize."

Eric manages to shake his head no,the pain shooting from his nose to his jaw to his ribs.

"Okay,lets get outta here," Dylan says.

"Sure thing," Kurt replies,"and Eric,enjoy that reward."

Kurt,Dylan,and the two silent lackies turn around and melt into shadows,their footsteps fade and they're gone.
I shouldn't be here,Eric thinks as the alley goes black and he falls into the cupped hands of unconciousness,I shouldn't be here,I shouldn't be here...

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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Trees,Reason For Inspiration

It was when they saw the tree that they knew,knew the infinite possibilities of-well-of everything.They didn't know why they knew this and they didn't even think of this discovery in these words.
Jake's exact words were , "I can climb to the highest branch, I could touch the sky!"
He imagined his thin body stretching like an elastic band,reaching until his fingertips grazed the cloud dotted blue,bringing his digits to his face for examination and finally proving that the sky
was a mammoth blue and white, or red and orange, or blue and purple mural(depending on the time of day of course).
He wondered if he could bring his paints and add pterodactyls to the scene,ressurecting the ancient creatures.He sighed longingly and continued to nurture the ache in his chest that told him that the mysterious height of the tree's brances could assist him in transforming his flimsy tin foil fantasy into a sturdy steel reality.

Laura too thought of the oak,what secrets those leafy branches could hold.

Her exact words were, "A world could be hidden in all of those leaves.I bet there is a whole kingdom of orange people and green people and red people-like in the fall.A different shade for every season..."

Her sentence trailed off into admiring quietude.She knew,she absolutely knew that the leaf people glided from branch to branch,more delicate,more graceful,more gorgeous than a monarch butterfly.

She imagined how all winged insects were modes of transportation and how squirrels supplied the food and how when autumn and winter arrived ,the leaf fairies would turn completely invisible(since there were no leaves to conceal them) and would resort to living in the trunk to escape the chill.She was positive that if she could only climb to the uppermost branch that she would find them.She wondered if they would turn her into a leaf person and allow her to ride their dragonflies,like mini helicopters they seemed.She slurped in her breath and tilted her head back to view the vanishing limbs,the very top arms obscured by clouds,just a few fingers sprouting into space,wearing a few of Saturn's rings.

Jake and Laura simultaneously decided they would scale The Giant,as everyone in town kindly referred to it.Jake and Laura,both eight years- old and best friends for as far back as either's memory could reach went to Laura's house,they constructed a plan.

The plan was simple,they would use a latter to reach the lowest branch and free climb from there.That very afternoon they returned,equipped and ready.The two groped and climbed until breathless and took seats on a fat,sturdy branch.

A week later they built a treehouse.Jake stood on the roof attempting to scrape away a bit of the sky's paint,Laure hardly blinked hoping to capture a glimpse of of her leaf dwellers.

Of course they never scraped paint from the heavens or discovered a secret civilization,but they realized as the days and weeks,then months and years passed that the tree inspired them every moment of every day.Their other dreams flourished like the limbs of that tree.

Of course there was the day when they were thirteen that Laura had painted the ceiling of the little structure bright blue and surprised Jake.

"Your mural sky,and it's still wet-touch it,you'll have a piece of the sky."

He did,and sure enough his fingertips were stained blue,he laughed and surprised Laura the next day.He made doll sized people of leaves,constructing makeshift wings of construction paper.Laura soared them into the branches,they weren't as graceful as butterflies but they were her leaf people.

Then,as they sat at the base of that same tree at eighteen years of age (no longer trusting the branches that seemed much smaller with their almost adult bodies)they spoke of The Giant.

"I think that even though the tree has been silent all of these years it's been shouting something," Jake said.

"What's that?" Laura questioned.

"Reach for the sky,ya know,there aren't any limits.Like discovering gravity,Newton never woud've done that without his tree."

"Huh," Laura reclined in the moist crabgrass ,"the sky?Why stop there?Reach for the moon."

"Or the stars,"Jake suggested grinning,"trees,they're reason for inspiration."

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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Hospital and The Ditch

I walk into a house,an apartment really.My family,my sister,my brother,and Mom are there.They welcome me home,for some reason I know without a shadow of a doubt that I've been gone for awhile.
"We have to go," Mom says.
The four of us know where we're going ,to the hospital.Oddly enough,in the dream we live directly above a hospital,as in the living room could be just above a patient's room.
We walk through the smelly,disinfectant solution saturated corridors,after a few seconds we go in different directions.I pass those little curtained rooms for patients either waiting to go home or to be wheeled away on a gurney to a drab room.I'm not at ease but I'm not completely uncomfortable,I'm familiar with hospitals and sickness.
Somehow I stumble out of the network of curtains,partitions,and know-it-all machines and into the cafeteria.The windows are the size of doors,which happens to be their second if not only function,for even though the windows serve as two of the cafeteria's walls it's still stuffy and gives me the sense that tinted shades are drinking the sunlight.An artificial overcast.
I'm drawn to the glass,I swing the window/door open and step outside.The cement ground gently slopes into a ditch.A ditch like under a highway,there's water collected at the bottom.It's sunny and for some reason a sense of nostalgia or history,something like a forgotten moment of my early childhood scents the atmosphere.
A group of three or four kids chat and fool around on the slope.One in particular is the most familiar and my favorite companion.He has short,dark brown hair and reminds of my cousin.We're all caught between the elementary years and adolescence.We're safe.Time is frozen and we talk,and I remember things I didn't even know were forgotten.
"Come on,I've been looking for you,time to go."My sister holds the glass door open,summoning me to another familiar place,maybe a park,or one of the many schools I've gone to,or maybe-but unlikely another place woven from not-quite memories and not-quite familiar faces,like the ditch.Perhaps I'll be slightly uneasy,yet acquainted,like the hospital.
"Come on," she urges,thawing time into motion again.I look one last time at the boy who could be my cousin,then lift myself reluctantly from the warm,shimmering cement and shuffle to the window/door.
I wonder,Will I come back?Will I see them again?

Monday, January 28, 2008

What Do You See?

Person One:What do you see when you look at this painting?Just tell the truth.

Person Two:I see three schoolkids playing in an autumn leaf pile.Dry leaves crunching,shattering,and cracking under shoes and knees.Hands tossing the tree's shedding;hands that haven't been burned,frostbitten,or even touched the things that will one day mold their minds and lives.
I see bicycles strewn on lawns soon to be abandoned during the frigid months,waiting to be pedaled from one end of town to the other in summer races to the refreshment stand.Where innocent,panting tongues are coated with sweet dripping ice cream and fizzing soda,sticky fingers gripping handlebars.
Cars line the curb,tires nearly bald from months of simmering asphalt,rain soaked roads,and countless errands.There are many trees, so there are many leaf piles and strewn bikes.The sky wraps all of this in rich yellows,oranges,and brilliant reds comprising the waning sun.

Person One:Thank you.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Ready Or Not

Okay,I admit it, I hate when people read what I write,but I started blogging so I could know what people really think of my writing.So after writing random entries for the last couple of months I'd really appreciate it if anyone who happens to read this blog would leave a commment,whether I'm ready or not.

Wake Me Up and Slap Me!

Three pairs of feet marching across my hands , pinning my fingers to the ground.

My lips glued shut by a special brand of media.

Three strangers screaming orders.Who are they?Oh right, I know them-Me,Myself,and I. I thought they were on vacation.

I didn't see it,I didn't hear it .What happened again?
Gross taste just have a crum.
Stop this meaningless babble whoever you are -just wake me up and slap me!