Friday, May 1, 2009

Dear Puzzle Piece

Dial the numbers, type the letters, breathe, count to ten, say the words, leave.

Roll of the dice, it's a gamble I can't miss,
Seven letters I can't remember, dial anything, take the risk.

Ringring, you don't pick up.
Must've misdialed, beepbeep, try again, wish for luck.

No answer, heart's crushed, it's relieved too.
Hang up, exhale inhale, I still wanna talk to you.

Open eyes, grit teeth, write a letter.
Dear Puzzle Piece, it's been forever.

Close eyes, gnaw nails, empty mail box, re-write.
Dear Puzzle Piece, I'm sorry, I didn't mean it I never did. I wish you were here, it's a lonely night.

Second letter, no answer, drop a third line.
I wrote you once, I wrote you twice, I write you a third time.

Dear Puzzle Piece, pick up a pen, write a word, do I have to plead?
Pick up a phone, dial a number, you're the glue I need.

Wait around, harass the mail man, the letter arrives, read...

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