Friday, February 15, 2008


He knows he shoudn't be here, that any moment they'll find him.He hears cooing from the dark brick building.A foot appears around the corner and headlights from a passing car illuminate a metal object above the foot.Jewelry,no, something less innocent,brass knuckles.

"You shouldn't be here Eric," a voice comes from around the corner,the foot is fully revealed followed by a man's body,a large man's body.The man from school,well, the man-sized boy from school.Three others come into view and stand in the dim light of the alley.

"I was just on my way home," he says ,"I don't want any trouble Kurt."

Kurt approaches him and stands with his face centimeters from his.He raises his hand and delivers a heavy backhanded slap,causing Eric's head to whirl around to the right,his neck and face aching from the blow.Kurt grabs him by the shirt collar just before his body falls backward onto the brick building.

"You know something," Kurt growls,maliciously tugging at the collar,"I really hate rats.Always ready to sell you out,and for what?For nothing,just to be honest."

He releases his collar and violently shoves him into the brick wall.Eric groans,the brick scrapes his neck and head,blood seeps from a wound and collects in his red hair.

"Kurt," Dylan,Kurt's bestfriend and righthand steps forward ,"you know I have to be home by ten,could you hurry it up?"

"In a minute man," Kurt runs his fingers through his brown hair,addressing Eric,"I know you're the one who told the principal I spray painted his car.Am I right?Now be honest."

Eric looked around,the four hostile players from the varsity hockey team weren't going to be merciful whether he tried to deny it or told the truth,he might as well as get it over with.

"Answer you piece of trash," Kurt grabs his shirt and jerks his thin body from left to right,making his jaw slip back and forth resulting in Eric accidentally grinding his teeth into his tongue.

"I told,okay,"Eric gasps and his body goes limp as Kurt reels his right hand back,but rolls it into a large fist this time.The brass knuckles crack against his jaw bone and blood shoots past his lips.

"Always honest,aren't you Eric?" Kurt doesn't wait for an answer as he smashes his brass-clad fist into Eric's nose.Crimson fluid gushes from his nostrils and he slides down the wall,lying crumpled on the wet ground like a discarded bubblegum wrapper.

"Ooohh," he moans and attempts to sit up.

"Stay," Dylan cruelly kicks him in the side before he can pull his body up.

"Broken jaw and nose,maybe even broken ribs," Kurt says,leaning down and staring straight into Eric's eyes,his sweat moistened brown hair spilling into his face,"I think that's a fair reward for your honesty.Don't you think so?Nod yes if you think you should have a bonus prize."

Eric manages to shake his head no,the pain shooting from his nose to his jaw to his ribs.

"Okay,lets get outta here," Dylan says.

"Sure thing," Kurt replies,"and Eric,enjoy that reward."

Kurt,Dylan,and the two silent lackies turn around and melt into shadows,their footsteps fade and they're gone.
I shouldn't be here,Eric thinks as the alley goes black and he falls into the cupped hands of unconciousness,I shouldn't be here,I shouldn't be here...

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