Monday, August 11, 2008

I f I See You Again

It's been a decade.You were a teenager, newly christened an adult by the government.You were short and skinny with curly black hair and highwater jeans , and I always remember the green t-shirt you wore.You rode a bike,moussed your curls and doused yourself with cologne.If I see you again I might not recognize you.
Why?Because I heard you're not a pencil anymore,you're six feet now,and your hair is so short that no one would know you once sported large,shining loops.Plus,the jeans and t-shirt are gone and your bicycle has been replaced with a four wheeled motor powered machine also known as a car.But I wonder,do you use the same cologne?If I passed you on the street would I know your scent?Salty skin masked by musky,male perfume.You probably don't.If I see you again I probably won't recognize you.
Last year I spoke with you on the phone,you sound the same, maybe a little more mature.If I was blindfolded I would know your voice.Of course I probably wouldn't need the blindfold to hinder me from identifying you,years passing might've already done the job.You don't look or dress the same,you're not the same.Neither am I.If I see you again I won't know you.

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  1. Hmmm... Somehow a very emo post in my point of view.. Had a person in mind while I was reading this post and almost made me tear... Great post.. Great style of writing...
    Man, that was good...

  2. I agree with jelo you have a very captivating style of writing...I enjoyed this post...Where do you write these stories from? past experiences or just make them up? either way they are great

  3. I would say half of my blogs come from my imagination and the other half are based on real life experiences.